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Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do Players Need?
The organization will provide each player with a ball and uniform (varies from house league to rep). It is the player’s responsibility to bring these items as well as proper gym attire (shorts, sweats, shoes, socks, etc.), water bottles and any other “necessary” items (asthma inhalers, knee/ankle braces).

What is the Difference Between Rep (Power) and House League?
Both branches of the PYBA are interested in getting the youth of Peterborough playing basketball, however there will be some differences between Rep and House League. First, Rep will have more emphasis on competition. It is the policy of the organization that playing time will be distributed fairly among all of the players. However, if a player is looking for “equal” playing time they should consider the House League. Second, the Rep teams will be traveling and everyone involved should be prepared for this. House League will always take place here in Peterborough.

How Long is the House League Season?
House league season starts in September and ends mid-December (depending on the division). This league focuses on skill development, equal playing time and fun! Players receive 1 hour practice one night/week and games are either Saturday or Sunday. See our house league link for more information.

How Long is the Rep Season?
Tryouts start in Sept. and teams will decide exactly when they will start practicing and playing. The end date for the rep season depends on the age and gender of the participant.

I Am Interested in Getting More Involved in the Program. What Are My Options?
There are many available positions in the PYBA. We are always looking for coaches, officials, executive members as well others. If you are interested please drop us a line at